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Welcome! I'm Giovan Buie, a fully bilingual Theater graduate with a minor in Radio Marketing and Production. My passion lies in voice acting, and I'm eager to contribute my talents to a wide range of projects, spanning movies, animations, online training, foreign films, live events, trailers, audiobooks, video games, and beyond. Currently based in Florida, strategically positioning myself in a vibrant hub of opportunity within the entertainment industry and ready to embark on my journey to establish myself as a versatile and sought-after voice actor.


Demo Reel

A selected compilation of captivating audio snippets.

Audio Samples from Radio DJ Projects

Fowler Academy

WBMJ Radio Station ID

Announcement for WBMJ Radio Station

Maldeamores (Lovesickness)

This Puerto Rican film is originally in Spanish. In this sample, I am lending my voice to dub Pellín's character in English.

Elsa & Fred

Showcasing my dubbing skills by lending my voice to Fred's character in English in this iconic Spanish Argentine film.

Tok, Tok! Jesús y tu Corazón

Experience a glimpse of my daily participation in skits during the 2020 Vacation Bible School for children, hosted to the public online by Christian Community Church.

Radio Series Audio Samples

Radio Series 'Unidos Hasta el Final' (United Until the End) - Culminating project of the Theater Diction course. Produced entirely by students, the original script unfolds with three distinct characters: Bonbín, Raúl, and Don Felipe, each taking center stage in their own unique way.

Voice Acting Samples

Immerse yourself in a chilling excerpt from H.P. Lovecraft's horror novella, 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth', as I bring its eerie narrative to life through a gripping reading.

Commercial Samples - Experience two dynamic spots showcasing product advertisements. *For demonstration purposes only.


Bachelor of Arts in Theater
Minor in Radio Production and Marketing

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, San Juan, PR
Magna Cum Laude

Specialized Courses

  • Voicemasters (Dubbing and Characterization)
  • Acting with Johnathan Dwayne
  • Radio Locution and Broadcasting
  • Sound, Technical & Radio Production
  • English and Spanish Speech/Communications
  • Voice coaching
  • Improv
  • Adobe Audition software

Volunteer Experience

Unidad Teleradial – Universidad Sagrado Corazón
Online Radio: Radiorama Universitario, DJ/Broadcaster, jazz and bossa nova music.

The Rock Radio Network – WBMJ 1190 AM
Creating broadcasting station identification, dynamic commercial "bumpers," and seamlessly producing various segments for the station.

Christian Community Church
Sound and Media Ministry: Monitoring Facebook Live broadcasts
Children’s Ministry: Versatile performer in Vacation Bible School skits.


  • Assertive and dedicated, with a strong team orientation
  • Passionate about voice-over acting
  • Dynamic and proactive with a wealth of talent
  • Intelligent, adaptable, and laser-focused
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Punctual, reliable, and exceptionally attentive
  • Tech-savvy and adept with applications

Personal Message

Giovan's personal toughts

My name is Giovan Buie, a native of Puerto Rico. I pride myself on being friendly, charismatic, and deeply family oriented. With a profound love for animals, anime, video games, movies, art, and sneakers, I find joy in diverse interests.

My educational journey took a unique turn; following my time in traditional schooling, I transitioned to homeschooling from 6th to 12th grade—an experience I hold dear. In 2018, I achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, a significant milestone in my life. As a devout Christian, I envision building a family of my own one day, rooted in love and faith.

My passion for voice-over acting traces back to childhood fascination with cartoon characters' voices. Over time, others recognized my deep, rich, and clear voice, prompting me to explore this talent further. Volunteering at WBMJ 1190 AM - The Rock Radio Network allowed me to work on my skills, voicing commercials, station IDs, and contributing to various segments. My voice currently serves as the station's on-air identifier.

I am completely bilingual in Spanish and English, and I'm driven by aspirations to thrive in voice-over acting. That's why I've made the strategic decision to relocate to the United States, where there’s an abundance of opportunities. I am also expanding my linguistic range by learning French, German, and Japanese, aiming to broaden my horizons and seize opportunities across the global entertainment industry.

Driven by enthusiasm, a robust work ethic, and a genuine passion for the craft, I am committed to achieving my goals. My vocal techniques are versatile and vibrant, complemented by fluency in English and Spanish, along with proficiency in accents. As a collaborative team player, I aim to use my voice as a stellar source of entertainment.

A voice is more than sound; it breathes life into brands, characters, and ideas with its personality and charisma. My natural articulation, flexibility, and clarity, combined with adept pacing, ensure effective communication of material. I bring a range of tones, accents, emotions, and even impressions to the table. I am eager to pursue opportunities as a Voice Actor, Radio Host, Movie and Television Actor, or any role aligned with my passion for voice acting.

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(787) 718-4624

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